Longeing - The ideal entry!


  We offer lessons on the longe. Of course this type of teaching is available to all riders. Children between seven and eight years are automatically informed on the longe.

The aim of the longe lessons is to learn walk, trot and gallop.


The riding lessons for beginners start with balance exercises, steering exercises, learning the basic gaits.


A good balance is the basic for each Riding and we will practice a lot. Later on, when the basics already exists, we will always make difficult balancing exercises.

Beginner - "Schnupper" - Kurs

with accommodation




1. Day: Arrival - ride free

2. Day: morning 30 min Longe

3. Day: morning 30 min Longe

4. Day: morning 1 lesson (45 Min) at the beach

5. Day: morning 1 lesson (45 Min) at the beach

6. Day: morning 1 lesson (60 Min) ridingoutside

7. Day: 3-hours riding, short stop in a Bar/Restaurant ( excl.)

8. Day: Departure - ride free


345 € pro Person for 1 week


8 days/6 days riding/7 accommodation (2 persons)



Riding holidays

with accommodation



1.Day: arrival - free riding

2 - 7 Day: 6 days horseriding after breakfast

several hours with stop in a restaurant


Riding time ca. 3 - 4 hours


8. Day: Departure - riding free


The rides run on the endless sandy beach along to the ruins of the Sultan's Palace, the Jimi - Hendrix - Location Diabat near Essaouira. By dunes, also called little Sahara, up to Sidi Kaouki and more ...


Price 495, - EURO per person for 1 week


(8 days / 6 riding days / 7 nights in a double room with breakfast)

Prices Horseriding


15€/150 Dhs



30€/300 Dhs


half day with picknick

45€/450 Dhs


full day

60€/600 Dhs


full day with Bivouac - camp

120€/1320 Dhs (min. 2 persons)


2 days Sidi Kaouki

180€/2000 Dhs

(min. 2 persons)

The fishing village located 25 km from Essaouira.

We start at 10am, picnic in the dunes at the beach.

We stay the night in a bivouac tent at the beach.





3 days tour horseriding


Sidi Hmad Mhand,

Sidi Kaouki

290€/3100 Dhs

(min. 2 persons)




4 days tour horseriding


Sidi Hmad Mhand

Sidi Kaouki


390€/4200 Dhs

(min. 2 persons)




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Escape from the rainy summer in Germany and breathe the sea air!

Enjoy wonderful long rides on a horseback. Oriental flair, get to know the country and its people.

We offer you all! Just ask!

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29. June - 02. July 2017

Gnaoua - Festival in Essaouira


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